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How does v-TACTM work?

v-TACTM is a method implemented in software for calculation of arterial acid-base and blood gas status from measurements in the peripheral venous blood, in combination with an SpO2 measurement.


The principal workflow is:

  1. Collect venous anaerobic blood sample by puncture or v-line
  2. Measure simultaneously the SpO2 with a pulse oximeter
  3. Analyse the venous blood sample with your existing blood gas analyser
  4. Enter the SpO2 value (SpO2 value can be entered on the Blood gas analyser on most blood gas analysers)
  5. Obtain v-TACTM calculated arterial blood gas values from v-TACTM printer or laboratory system


The figure below outlines the input values to the v-TACTM software and the calculated arterial output values:


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