OBI Medical
OBI Medical is pleased to announce Statement of Support from the Danish Lung Association

Cite from the announcement: “The Danish Lung Association is aware that a Danish company, OBI Medical, is developing and launching a new method called v-TAC. v-TAC can calculate arterial blood gas based on common venous blood samples.

The Danish Lung Association sees great potential and advantages of v-TAC for both patients and the health system. V-TAC aims to improve the lives of lung patients in Denmark by making it possible to carefully examine the patients' blood oxygen saturation without having to take additional arterial blood samples thus reducing discomfort to the patient through fewer arterial punctures. OBI Medical is in dialogue with clinicians at Danish hospitals to further develop the method, and the Danish Lung Association sees great

potential for the health system.

Therefore, the Danish Lung Association fully supports the development of v-TAC both for the benefits it brings to patients and for the support it offers the society in achieving its vision. Furthermore, future developments of v-TAC offer the possibility for ambulatory control in prehospital-treatment and in a telemonitoring service to ensure a high quality of patient care into the future.”

Read the full announcement in the PDF document.