OBI Medical
OBI Medical aims to improve NIV treatment at Royal Papworth Hospital (UK)

OBI Medical has initiated a collaboration with Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, which will investigate the role of v-TAC in the assessment and management of patients with respiratory failure treated with non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

Chief Investigator, Dr Michael Davies, consultant physician at the Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre (RSSC) states:

“We plan to test the v- TAC method against ABG sampling. If we show that the v- TAC method and ABG samples provide comparable results and the same clinical decisions, then NIV assessment and treatment will be simplified.

Essentially, we hope that we can provide results that are as accurate as an arterial sample and as simple and convenient as a venous sample. Further, if we show a benefit in this patient group, then the results have the potential to improve outcomes for patients treated with acute NIV.”

OBI Medical are excited about the collaboration and pleased to work with the leading clinician in the field of treatment of respiratory failure in UK.

Read the press release from Royal Papworth Hospital here