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Blekinge Hospital (Sweden) - First independent v-TAC validation study publication

In April 2019 the first independent v-TAC validation study was published under the title: Calculated arterial blood gas values from a venous sample and pulse oximetry: Clinical validation.

Authors: Magnus Ekström, Anna Engblom, Adam Ilic, Nicholas Holthius, Peter Nordström, Ivar Vaara

Department of Clinical Sciences, Division of Respiratory Medicine & Allergology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, Department of Medicine, Blekinge Hospital, Karlskrona, Sweden, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Blekinge Hospital, Karlskrona, Sweden.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the agreement and clinical usefulness of v-TAC and venous blood gas compared with arterial blood gas for the measurement of pH, pCO2 and pO2 among inpatients with cardiopulmonary disease in clinical care.


“Calculated arterial blood gases (v-TAC) from a venous sample and pulse oximetry were comparable to ABG values and may be useful for evaluation of blood gases in clinical settings. This could reduce the logistic burden of arterial sampling, facilitate improved screening and follow-up and reduce patient pain.”

Download the full publication here