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v-TAC™ Product Description

Download the v-TAC™ Product Description in PDF here 


v-TAC™ software

v-TAC™ software is a stand-alone software application designed to run easily on a virtual or dedicated central server or computer in the hospital IT environment - Learn more 


v-TAC™ printed report

v-TAC™ automatically and instantly creates a printed report with the v-TACTM calculated arterial values and the original measured venous blood gas values from the blood gas instrument - Learn more


Seamless integration with existing blood gas equipment

v-TAC™ works with existing blood gas equipment on the market. In a typical implementation, a simple re-configuration of the existing blood gas analyser makes it possible to select a venous blood gas for arterialisation by v-TAC™, and the result becomes instantly available in a printed report or in the hospital laboratory information system - Learn more


v-TAC™ precision

v-TAC™ software converts venous blood acid-base and blood gas values to arterial acid-base and blood gas values with an accuracy and precision useful in clinical practice
Learn more (kPa) Learn more (mmHg)


Server requirements and data privacy

v-TAC™ software is installed either on a virtual server or on a dedicated computer in the local hospital system - Learn more



v-TAC™ method has been patented in several countries, including most European countries, the United States, China, Japan and more. All rights are owned by OBI Medical.