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Patient Benefits

Arterial punctures are a painful and unpleasant experience for the patient and carry a risk of side effects such as discomfort, anxiety, haematoma, thrombosis, peripheral embolism or nerve damage. By reducing the need for arterial punctures v-TAC reduces the pain, discomfort and side effects associated with arterial punctures.

Please find below statements from patients kindly collected and provided by staff from the Emergency Department of Sygehus Nordjylland (Hjoerring, Denmark) – the first hospital in Denmark to use v-TAC in daily clinical practice.

78-year-old woman admitted, possible COPD exacerbation or pneumonia

It's a huge relief to be free of having blood taken from my wrist!! Last time, there was a doctor who tried five times! It hurt so much that I could feel it for days afterwards

Women with known COPD admitted for exacerbation

Arterial punctures are like getting an electrical shock!! I didn't feel the other one (v-TAC, venous puncture) at all

Daughter of patient with COPD

It always pains me to see how painful it is for my mother when you draw blood from the wrist... I was really relieved to find out that all that was needed was a “normal” blood sample

Known asthma/COPD patient admitted with slight shortness of breath, observation for pneumonia

I always fear the arterial gas—they take it every time I'm admitted. I actually thought they had forgotten to take it today...but then they explained the new method. It should have been invented 30 years ago. Just think of all that pain and suffering I could have been without!