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Supported BGAs

Seamless integration with existing blood gas equipment

v-TACTM software works with existing blood gas analysers on the market, as long as the instrument is capable of transmitting the blood gas values over a known protocol supported by v-TACTM. The list of supported blood gas instruments is continuously expanding. Please contact OBI Medical to check if your blood gas instrument is currently supported.

v-TACTM software requires venous blood gas values and a corresponding SpO2 value to calculate arterial blood gas values. Most blood gas analysers from the leading manufacturers allow configuration of new types of blood samples and entry of additional information with the sample, such as the SpO2 value needed for v-TACTM to convert the venous blood gas measurement to arterial values.

For those instruments where the SpO2 cannot be entered on the blood gas instrument, v-TACTM will require the SpO2 to be entered via the v-TACTM user interface, which is easily accessed by alternative means, such as a laptop or tablet computer next to the blood gas instrument.

The calculated arterial results from the v-TACTM software can be printed on a dedicated network printer and/or stored in a laboratory information system.

Figures 1 and 2 below outline the two typical IT architectures for embedding v-TACTM software with existing blood gas instruments with or without connection to data managers and/or LIS/EPR systems.

In figure 1 below, the blood gas instrument is connected directly (1) over a network connection to the v-TACTM software. In this scenario, the v-TACTM software exchanges data directly with the blood gas instrument using a protocol defined by the manufacturer of the instrument. If chosen, the v-TACTM software will print the calculated arterial results on a network printer next to the blood gas instrument. One v-TACTM software application can support multiple blood gas instruments and corresponding printers. However, in installations with stand-alone blood gas instruments, each instrument can easily be serviced by the v-TACTM software running on a small-sized local computer with printer (optional).  If the blood gas instrument(s) is(are) connected with a central data manager (3) and a LIS/EPR system (4), the v-TACTM software can transmit all results from the blood gas instrument and the calculated arterial values to the data manager software or the LIS/EPR system.

Figure 1: IT architecture with direct connection between the blood gas instrument and the v-TACTM software


Figure 2 below covers certain blood gas instruments and installations using data managers with support for the v-TACTM system. In this case, the blood gas values from the blood gas instruments are transmitted electronically from the blood gas instrument to the data manager (1), where the data manager identifies measurements selected for arterialisation by the v-TACTM software and transmits this data to the v-TACTM software (2). The v-TACTM software prints the results on a network printer (optional) next to the blood gas instrument, and also transmits the data back to the data manager (2). The data manager may then forward the v-TACTM results to a LIS/EPR system.

Figure-2: IT architecture option-2


For more detailed information on what the architecture will look like with your existing blood gas instruments and IT system, please contact OBI Medical.