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v-TAC printed report

The v-TAC software is unable to print the v-TAC calculated arterial results on the built-in printer in the blood gas analyser.

As an optional feature, the v-TAC Software is able to print a report on a standard network printer.

If the v-TAC software is used for multiple blood gas analysers, the v-TAC software allows configuration of what network printer to print to for each individual blood gas analyser.

 The v-TAC printed report is completely customisable, but generally the report includes:

  • Patient information
  • The entered SpO2 value
  • v-TAC calculated arterial blood gas results
  • The original venous blood gas values measured by the blood gas analyser.

The v-TAC Software can be configured for choice of units, such as using mmHg for pCO2 and pO2 instead of kPa, or g/L for tHb instead of mmol/L.

The figure is a constructed example of how a typical v-TAC report may look like.

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The v-TAC calculated arterial values are flagged with a '?' if one or more venous input values are outside the validated range. See example of v-TAC printed report here.

The v-TAC software is unable to calculate arterial values if one or more of the venous input values are out of bounds and exceeds the min or max acceptable range, or if the output check fails. See example of v-TAC printed report here