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v-TAC™ software

v-TAC™ (Venous to Arterial Conversion Method) is an advanced software application that works seamlessly with existing blood gas analysers (BGAs) on the market and calculate arterial blood gas values from a measured venous blood gas, supplemented with the arterial oxygen saturation level, also called SpO2, measured by a pulse oximeter from a fingertip.

v-TAC™ software is a stand-alone software application designed to run on a virtual server or a dedicated computer in the hospital IT environment. During normal operation, v-TAC™ software operates seamlessly and does not require any attention or application management.

v-TAC™ application can be configured using the easy-to-use user interface available to the system-responsible officer in the hospital. The application is protected from un-authorised altering by username and password.

The v-TAC™ solution exploits that the user interface on all market leading BGAs can be configured. As a standard feature, a button named “v-TAC” and an input field for entering the SpO2 value can be enabled. After enabling these, the work process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Collect peripheral venous blood sample;
  2. Measure the oxygen saturation (SpO2) with the pulse oximeter;
  3. Analyse the venous blood sample on the BGA;
  4. Enter the SpO2 value;
  5. Operate the BGA as usual. The work process is identical for other brands of BGAs.

Server/computer requirements

v-TAC™ software is implemented in JAVA and is hosted on a server in the hospital IT system

The server requirements are:

Operating system: Windows 2012 R2. JDK must be installed
CPU: 1
RAM: 2GB or more (600 MB used by the v-TACTM software)

If v-TAC™ runs on a dedicated computer
Operating system: Windows 2012 R2. JDK must be installed
CPU: 1 GHz or better
RAM: 2GB or more (600 MB used by the v-TACTM software)

Data privacy

v-TAC™ software runs on the local Hospital network system and is not connected to any other systems. v-TAC™ software does not store the patient data in the local database or records.

Access to the v-TAC™ software is managed by the user access rights system, and blood gas analysers as well as administrators are registered. Access to the user interface is restricted by username and password.

Please contact OBI Medical to learn more about data privacy.



v-TAC™ software meets the provisions of the Council Directive 98/79/EEC for In-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices.

See the Declaration of Conformity here